Friday 30th October


[simnor_accordion][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”9.00 Opening ceremony” onload=”closed” text=”Lucia Dovigo (AIRett), Thomas Bertrandt (RSE), Nues Paige (IRSF)

Welcome remarks”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”9.20 Update on European policy on Rare Diseases” onload=”closed” text=”Update on European policy on Rare Diseases – Veneselli E.

Taruscio D. (ISS Rome, Italy)”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”9.45 Basic Research 1 ” onload=”closed” text=”Basic Research 1 – D’Esposito M., Ballas N.

Gabel H.W. (Harvard Med. School, USA): Disruption of DNA methylation dependent long gene repression in Rett syndrome

Landsberger N. (Ist. S.Raffaele, Università di Milano): Studying in vitro and in vivo MeCP2 Y120 phosphorylation: novel insights on a multifunctional protein

2 Speakers selected by abstracts

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”11.15 Coffee break” text=”Coffee break” onload=”closed”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”11.45 Basic Research 2″ text=”Basic Research 2 – Gabel H.W., Pizzorusso T.

Heidenreich M. (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA): Crisp Cas systems for MECP2

Ballas N. (Stony Brook University, New York,USA): Glial cells, MECP2 and Rett Syndrome

Huppke P. (University of Gottigen, Germany): Wild-type microglia do not reverse pathology in mouse models of Rett Syndrome

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”13.15 Lunch time & Posters vision” text=Lunch time & Posters vision” ][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”14.30 From the Neuroscience research to the treatment” text=”Moderator – Villard L.

Garattini S. (I M Negri, Milan): From the Neuroscience research to the treatment

Leonard H. (Perth, Australia): Evolution and life span today
” ][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”15.10 Evolution and treatment from childhood to adulthood” text=”Evolution and treatment from childhood to adulthood – Budden S., Zappella M.

Pineda M. (Barcellona, Spain): New methods of diagnosis, protocols and treatments

Wilken B. (Kassel, Germany): Management of Transition

” ][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”16.00 Coffee break” text=”Coffee break” ][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”16.30 What we have learned about Epilepsy and Sleep in Rett syndrome” text=”Moderator – Vigevano F.

Glaze D. (Huston, Texas, USA): What we have learned about Epilepsy and Sleep in Rett syndrome

” ][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”16.50 Focus on Epilepsy” text=”Focus on Epilepsy – Vigevano F., Pineda M.

Nissenkor A. (Tel Aviv, Israel): Update on Epilepsy

Cusmai R. (OBG, Rome): Epileptic and non-epileptic paroxysmal disorders

Vignoli A. (Milan): New and alternative treatments

” ][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” onload=”closed” heading=”18.10 Genetics ” text=”Genetics – Clarke A., Renieri A.

Russo S. (I Auxologico, Milan): Exome sequencing on a cohort of Rett patients

Armstrong J. (Barcelona, Spain): Improving genetic diagnosis using NGS: comparing panell-exomes

” ][/simnor_accordion]

Saturday 31th October


[simnor_accordion][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”8.30 Pharmacological and genetic approaches 1″ onload=”closed” text=”Pharmacological and genetic approaches 1 – Villard L., Laviola G.

Green M. (UMass, USA): X chromosome reactivation

Cobb S. (Edinburgh, UK): Gene therapy in Rett syndrome

2 Speakers selected by abstracts

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”10.00 Pharmacological and genetic approaches 2″ onload=”closed” text=”Pharmacological and genetic approaches 2 – Huppke P., Hayek J.

Ciani E. (Bologna): CDKL5 therapy

Giustetto M. (Turin): Synaptic phenotypes in CDKL5 and MECP2 models insight into signaling alteration

2 Speakers selected by abstracts

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”11.30 Coffee Break” onload=”closed” text=”Coffee Break”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”12.00 Disturbed autonomic nervous system” onload=”closed” text=”Moderator – Canevini M.P.

Budden S. (Oregon, USA): Disturbed autonomic nervous system

Veneselli E. (IGG, Genoa): New advances on Emergency assistance: the Clinical Passport
“][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”13.00 Lunch time & Posters vision | RSE General Assembly” onload=”closed” text=”Lunch time & Posters vision

RSE General Assembly

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”14.30 Advance in assistance and complex problems: Care and Prevention” onload=”closed” text=”Advance in assistance and complex problems: Care and Prevention – Micaleff-Roll J., Papoff P.

Kendrick A. (Bristol, UK): Breathing problems and their diagnosis

Chiarini Testa M.B. (Rome): Breathing problems and their management

Canevini M.P. (Milan): Epilepsy management in complex disabilities

Rimini A., Mancardi M.M. (IGG, Genoa): Cardiological prevention and drug interactions

Cefalo G. (Milan): Update on Nutrition with aging (vit D deficiency, supplements, etc.)

Discussion”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”16.30 Coffee break ” onload=”closed” text=”Coffee break”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”17.00 New insight in Cognition and Communication” onload=”closed” text=”New insight in Cognition and Communication – Leonard H., Leuzzi V.

Djukic A. (New York, USA; Belgrad, Serbia ): Cognitive empowerment on communication

Fabio R.A. (Messina): On the bridge between neurological and psychological factors: TdCS and cognitive empowerment

Discussione”][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”17.50 Movement Disorder: Evaluation and Rehabilitation” onload=”closed” text=”Movement Disorder: Evaluation and Rehabilitation – Budden S., Rodocanachi, M.

Leonard H. (Perth, Australia): Motor development: new frontiers for walking activity evaluation

Lotan M. (Israel): Rehabilitation: advances and new trials


Sunday 1st November


[simnor_accordion][simnor_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”plus” heading=”9.00 The point on Clinical Trials: from scientific background to results and how to change the care” onload=”closed” text=”The point on Clinical Trials: from scientific background to results and how to change the care – Villard L., Clarke A.

Kaufmann W. (Harvard Med School, USA): IGF1

Glaze D. (Texas, USA): NNZ-2566 NNZ-2566: a novel, experimental treatment

Djukic A. (Bronx, NY, USA): Copaxone results and statins launch

Ben Zeev B. (Tel Aviv, Israel): Neuroimmunology and Copaxone in different trial

Mancini J. (Marseille, France): Desipramin and cardio-respiratory variability

Rothenbuhler A. (Paris, France): Trofinetide on Osteoporosis

Hayek J. (Siena): EPI-743

Nguyen G. (Paris, France): Rethinking the future of clinical trials in Rett Syndrome

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”3″ icon=”plus” heading=”12.00 Update on European Database” onload=”closed” text=”Moderator – Leonard H., Hayek J.

Mari F. (Siena): Update on European Database

Eurodis and RSE Speakers: Supporting research today- Relatori di Eurodis and RSE

“][simnor_toggle accordion=”3″ icon=”plus” heading=”12.50 Meeting for conclusions by experts” onload=”closed” text=”Conclusive considerations by experts on research

Conclusive considerations by experts on clinics

Conclusive considerations by experts on rehabilitation
“][simnor_toggle accordion=”3″ icon=”plus” heading=”13.50 – 14.00 Closing and aperitif” onload=”closed” text=”Closing and aperitif”][/simnor_accordion]

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